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05K Compressor

Reciprocating Compressor

Engineered to withstand punishing conditions, the 05K features time-proven, heavy duty construction. And its exclusive 2/4-cylinder design ensures exceptionally smooth, balanced operation.

Model : 05K-12
12 cfm - 2 Cylinders
Weight : 38 kg (84 lbs)
Displacement : 200 cc (12.2 in3)

Refrigerant : R134a, R404A

No. Cylinders : 2


  • Superior efficiency significantly reduces horsepower drain, reduces maintenance, extends life, saves fuel.
  • Exclusive balanced cylinder design minimizes torque pulsations for smoother operation, less wear.
  • Extended maintenance, lower operating speeds, lower vibrations, and less wear mean less maintenance and lower operating costs.
  • Larger capacity self-priming, reversible oil pump provides dependable oil flow under cold or flooded startup conditions and ample pressure at low rpm.
  • Higher capacity, efficiency at speeds at least 30% lower.
  • Housing-mounted clutch and larger clutch bearing provide longer life.
  • Low oil-circulation rate of less than 1% for greater operating efficiency.


Carrier Carlyle 05K Compressor


Reciprocating Compressor

Displacement : 400 cc (24.4 in3)
No. Cylinders : 4
Weight : 49 kg (108 lbs)
cfm : 24

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